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Frequently Asked Questions

What cordless power tools does PowerBoot work with?

PowerBoot works with drills, jigsaws, oscillating saws, staplers, brad nailers, routers and even glue guns (glue sticks fit perfectly well into the PowerBoot container).

Does PowerBoot work on all cordless power tool batteries?

Various brands of cordless power tool batteries have different areas of concavity, so we’ve placed a single large piece of double-sided tape over the top of PowerBoot to span the bottom sections of most batteries for a uniform, secure attachment.

How many bits or tips can PowerBoot store?

PowerBoot can hold dozens of bits, tips, blades, and fasteners on its three magnetic surfaces.

Is PowerBoot easy to install?

Yes—you can install PowerBoot in seconds! Before you install your new PowerBoot onto your favorite brand of cordless tool battery, please take the time to watch our installation video PowerBoot has sourced the most powerful magnets available, so it’s important to avoid accidentally sticking your PowerBoot to your battery incorrectly.

How do I prepare my tool battery before installing PowerBoot?

Clean the bottom of your tool battery with the enclosed alcohol wipe.

Is PowerBoot durable enough to last on construction work sites?

PowerBoot is made of the same durable materials used on most cordless power tools and its rugged design stands up to the toughest jobs.

How much does PowerBoot weigh?

PowerBoot weighs 0.46 lbs.